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The charter of VALORIS -

You may download it here.

the motto in VALORIS:
live in consciousness

VALORIS is a unique, magical, sacred place, where the spirits of the Nature are very present, are in symbiosis with the beings who are there. Our daily experience shows us how much they act and respond to actions on the ground. If your Heart is open while you are in this place, highly energetic, you will slowly perceive the deep and invisible aspects and which will reveal themselves  progressively to you with your permission.


VALORIS welcomes loving beings and respecting nature in every respect. It is an  entirely non-smoker place where making fire is excluded by prefectural decree.

You, the visitor, will share this place with Yves, Renate, the elements and the elementals. Animals are allowed except in the dome.


There are dry toilets, solar showers and a series of sorting bins to produce organic compost.


For the respect of our Mother GAÏA, any use of chemical and non-organic products is not permitted, this in order to protect GAIA, the plantations that will receive this compost and the beings fed by everything that grows here.


To wash your body, dishes, linen, please use organic or ayurvedic products (soap, toothpaste, laundry, detergent, oil and sunscreen). If possible, refrain from perfume or aftershave, you will understand why once at VALORIS ......


Mountain bikes are admitted with the recommendation of caring attention towards the beings present around you. Bicycles can also be loaned to you (waiting for repairs).


Access is offered to a partly open kitchen, crockery, kitchen accessories, an oven and running water. We share with you the ubiquitous Source WATER at VALORIS, great treasure that we honor with our respectful cares. We invite you to this respect by abstaining from any pollution. We make sure that the waste water is as clean and pure as possible for watering the adjoining gardens. So the diversified, rich and nourishing soil will remain so.


Unless otherwise agreed with your hosts Yves and Renate 10pm marks the beginning of calm and tranquility in VALORIS. It is imperative to close immediately any portal after opening.


For meals, you can cook on the site, or call upon a cook preparing organic, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free dishes. She acts as a caterer and delivers meals at the time of your choice. The hosts Yves and Renate can provide groceries and/ or meals, wash dishes and, if necessary, laundry. You can eat at any place (we will put tables in place) except in the dome, reserved for activities (courses, singing, dancing, meditation, conferences, seminars, conferences…). Please leave the place clean and tidy before your departure.


We thank you for signing this charter and are attentive to any suggestion of improvement, remark, concern, or wish on your part.


I, the undersigned ........................................................................... certify having read this charter and commit myself to respect all the clauses, the entire site of VALORIS and all the beings present.


In VALORIS, Quillan on ......................................................

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