Both very fond of everything related to "images", we have ​created an association to offer you services in this area.

We live in a unique and magical place that we are preparing for having you around.

Renate comes from the world of communication / press, organization, event management, project management, European affairs. She is trilingual French, English and German and a film director since 2001. Today she connects her professional experience to the moving image and offers various services that make the synthesis of everything she experienced during her career. Several documentaries have led her to do documentary research and she thus ensures the entire project. Renate, today, is passionate about work with nature and has a special connection with our Mother Earth, GAIA. She manages the gardens and has a project of women's circles as well as projects using the clay found in VALLISIS.


Yves comes from the world of visual arts and has taught in France for 30 years. He has always been passionate about photography and video work. Painter, sculptor, graphic designer, he exhibited in France and in Europe. In love of forms and light, he also practices land-art and photographs his installations. He likes to work the visual in all its forms, as well virtual (logos, posters, flyers, creative graphics, advertisements...) as concrete visual art work.