The next Participatory construction site 2020 will take place from August 16th to October 2020:

wood-clay (doub)-straw building, the geodesic dome should also be covered with corded wood, hump or doub and polycarbonate for the light.

You may find some pictures of the work in progress here.

For the rest of the year, we also plan

- construction of huts, all made

  of natural materials

- permaculture and landart activities

- we'll also need helpers in 2021 to make clay tiles for a pond

- and the mounting of a second dome.

participants will be fed (breakfast and vegetarian meal - all ORGANIC) at noon and housed (tents, caravan, chalet). Please bring your bio and Ayurveda products for washing, shower, toilet, sun or other creams... etc.

We invite you to read and sign the VALorIS charter before joining us.